Non Nobis, Domine

A number of years ago I watched Kenneth Branagh’s, Henry V. One of the things that caught and held my attention was the sensational soundtrack. In particular, Patrick Doyle’s, Non Nobis, Domine. I’m sure I don’t have an adequate vocabulary or imagination to describe how beautiful that piece is. That is why I have linked it via video below.

The text comes from Psalm 115:1, which reads…

Not to us, O Lord, not to us
but to your name be the glory,
because of your love and

The actual words of Non Nobis, Domine are…

Non nobis, Domine, Domine,
Non nobis, Domine,
sed nomini, sed nomini,
tuo da gloriam.

The song comes right after the battle on the field of Agincourt.

Henry V, Act 4, Scene 8 Henry V

KING HENRY V: Do we all holy rites;
Let there be sung ‘Non nobis’ and ‘Te Deum;
‘The dead with charity enclosed in clay:
And then to Calais; and to England then:
Where ne’er from France arrived more happy men.

See the clip below

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