Good Reads for Kingdom-Minded Men, Issue 1

Study Center3

If Abraham Kuyper was right, then there’s not a square inch in all the universe about which the Lord Jesus Christ is unconcerned… and over which he is not Lord. (Of course, Kuyper was only echoing what Scripture teaches.) Therefore, Christians should know what’s going on in their world. This is the same world, after all, that God “so loved.” If we would reach people for Christ and represent our King well as ambassadors of his Kingdom, then we need to know about the world while living in the world (without being of the world) so we might help transform the world. Ignorance may sometimes feel like bliss, but it is not a virtue.

Toward that end, here are some insightful and helpful articles, devotions, etc., to help awaken, educate, equip, and encourage godly men to bear an increasingly faithful witness for Christ. And since the Kingdom of God should be extended into every sphere of life, the topics represented by these articles are wide-ranging.

Happy Reading,

1.) A Christian Man in a Secular World by Brett Clemmer (Posted at Pat Morley’s website)

2.) A Struggling Church (Hope for the Church, Part 1) by T.M. Moore at The Fellowship of Ailbe

3.) How Do You Fit into God’s Big Picture of Restoration? Produced by the Institute of Work, Faith, and Economics

4.) Ten Overlooked Truths About Taking Action by Kyle Eschenroeder at The Art of Manliness

5.) Ten Pitfalls to Running A Christian Business by Chris Patton at Christian Faith at Work

And a video for good measure…

A Conservative Vision for Social Justice
Presented by Dr. Arthur Brooks
Produced The American Enterprise Institute

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